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InnHerb is a medicine company that offers some of the best prices and highest quality of Chinese herbal supplements around. We carefully select each product directly from the pharmaceutical facilities using over 20 years of experience and knowledge to offer the best products to our customers.

Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses for over 2000 years. A large part of TCM are it’s herbal formulas which in modern times are viewed as a viable source of alternative medicine. These herbal formulas focuses on diagnosing imbalances, whether it’s the intestinal, liver, joints, prostate or other areas of the body. This holistic approach helps to stimulate the healing mechanisms of the body and can bring many health benefits both physically and psychologically. 

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Arthritis Pain Relieving Cream

Relieving Plaster

Gastrointestinal Support

The temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to simple backache, sprains, bruises and arthritis. 

For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of simple back aches, arthritis, sprains, bruises, and strains.

Supports the health of the gastrointestinal system.

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We are a small company based in New York who have been supplying customers with great herbal supplements for over 20 years. You can find some of the products we offer in your local Chinese markets, stores and acupuncture clinics.

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